Cover sheets

Cover sheets

 Why use cover sheets? 

In a hospital and medical facility setting we see a significant amount of patient traffic in and out day to day. As a frequent destination for patient positioning and examination the bed provides an optimal environment for contamination through various liquid pollution. 

Our perforated cover sheets act as a fabric outline that allows absorption of fluids and potential bacterial build up, preventing cross contamination between patient to patient while also extending the life of the mattress. 

The unique zippered perforation allows the sheet to be torn away without the need for rolling a patient, thus also allowing correct fitting to the table size reducing the risk of creases or pulling. Folds and creases in sheets and pillowcases can often cause bed sores or skin shearing (pulling and tearing of fragile skin). 

The sheet also provides a healthy environment for skin by reducing fluid build up while also maintaining the skins ability to breath, therefore avoiding the risk of skin break down. 

When thinking about your facilities environment think safe, think practical, think smart.   


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