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Cream for Disrupted Skin Barrier Treatment

Scarring is the body’s natural reaction to deep damage to the skin – after an operation, a burn or an accident, for example. The body’s healing process can cause the formation of scar tissue. The new scar tissue is often unsightly and can cause discomfort and unpleasant symptoms. ALHYDRAN improves and repairs scar tissue on both old and new scars.

Skin Problems Caused by Scars

Nobody likes having scars. In many cases they cause discomfort and they are often unsightly. Scars can cause:

-Itching and pain

-Persistent redness of the skin

-Thick pink ‘welts’ on the skin

-A pulling sensation, as if the skin is too tight

-Reduced mobility of the joints


How Does ALHYDRAN Work?

ALHYDRAN is a powerful moisture-regulating cream that penetrates deep into the skin and improves the skin from within. It offers lasting skin hydration and helps the skin recover. As a result, ALHYDRAN reduces skin problems.


A Healthy Skin Barrier

Regulating hydration is an important tool of the skin in protecting itself against harmful external influences. A healthy skin has a stable amount of water that leaves the body (TEWL). The upper skin layer consists of approximately 30% water. This level is necessary for optimal functioning of the skin.


A Damaged Skin Barrier

When the skin barrier is disrupted, the body loses an abnormal high volume of water through the skin. This will result in a decrease of the normal water percentage in the epidermis, causing the skin barrier to disfunction. This vulnerable skin is unable to heal and protect itself.

Complaints arise such as severe itching, redness, dry skin etc. This in turn can cause, among other things, unfavourable scar development, trigger eczema and stagnation of wound healing. This skin needs optimal hydration of the epidermis and restoration of the barrier function to be able to recover.


The Hydrating Effect

ALHYDRAN has a double function, both necessary for repairing a disrupted skin barrier: 

-Optimal hydration of the epidermis 

-Skin barrier recovery

ALHYDRAN restores the moisture balance within 2 hours. (scientifically proven), due to powerful hydration and moisture retention (via occlusion).


Literature References

We believe it is important that the claims we make have a solid basis. The information is based on various sources:

-Click here for updated clinical research 


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