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OURS, a New Zealand physiotherapy supplies company, provides customers with the best physiotherapy medical supplies, including international physiotherapy equipment supplies.

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OURS is a reliable distributor of cost-effective, high-quality Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy supplies in New Zealand. With the latest physiotherapy and medical supplies suggested in our online store, physio departments at hospitals and other rehabilitation centres can adopt the world's best experience and apply global innovative technologies creating better patient outcomes.

Our retail and wholesale physiotherapy supplies range includes products of the world's renowned brands guaranteeing the best performance.


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Sanctband - World Leading Powder-free Resistance Bands

Sanctband is a world leading powder-free resistive brand producing innovative durable and safe bands and tubings perfect for rehabilitation and exercise needs.

At our online store, you can purchase Sanctband physiotherapy supplies including:

-Resistive Bands (bands, rolls, dispenser packs, band kits) for various physiotherapy & rehabilitation purposes

-Resistive Tubings (tubings, tubing kits, SpiderCord);

-Active Functional Tape for enhanced lymphatic drainage and muscle treatment;

-Other physiotherapy materials supplies: exercise, massage, and stability balls, foam rollers, exercise mats, balance pads and cushions, putty and other hand exercisers;


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Fasciq - FASCIQ® is a brand of THYSOL Group B.V.. THYSOL is a leading producing medical device company. It combines excellent quality with many years of knowledge.

Fasciq offers its  excellence in Fascial release with its range of Myo-fascial tools in cupping IASTM tools and more. 

Blackroll - World leading qualitative tools for the sports, fitness and health sector suitable for all sports levels to target tensions and pain points

Blackroll offers solutions for many purposes: to ease pain, promote health and wellness, boost performance, and more. Most myofascial release tools are compact and lightweight:

A German designed and manufactured range, Blackroll offers solutions for many purposes: to reduce pain, increase mobility, boost performance, and more. The myofascial release tools are incredibly compact, lightweight, non-slip, easily cleaned (in dishwasher) and 100% recyclable and free from chemicals in line with quality management standards governed by DIN ISO 9001:2015:

-Foam rollers;

-The therapeutic Blackroll Booster with vibrating mechanism;

-The Blackroll Twister for a targeted therapeutic stimulation;

-Massage trigger balls; 


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