World Leading Powder-free Resistance Bands

Sanctband is a world leading powder-free resistive brand producing innovative durable and safe bands and tubings perfect for rehabilitation and exercise needs.

At our online store, you can purchase Sanctband physiotherapy supplies including:

-Resistive Bands (bands, rolls, dispenser packs, band kits) for various physiotherapy & rehabilitation purposes;

-Resistive Tubings (tubings, tubing kits, SpiderCord);

-Active Functional Tape for enhanced lymphatic drainage and muscle treatment;

-other physiotherapy materials supplies: exercise, massage, and stability balls, foam rollers, exercise mats, balance pads and cushions, putty and other hand exercisers;

-Sanctband Training Book developed by experts in physiotherapy and occupational therapy; accessories (anchors, handles, etc.) 

Reduced Protein

Manufactured using Sanctech technology, the reduced protein feature helps to reduce the incidence of latex allergy.

Powder Free

The significantly low powder content on Sanctband is the most prominent feature and one of the reasons why the brand is an all-time favourite for users. No re-powdering needed and say goodbye to stains on your dress and clothing.


Designed with you in our mind, our product comes in progressive linear resistance. Be it low protein and powder free resistive bands and tubings to latex free resistive bands, our products are commonly used for medical rehabilitation, geriatric and fitness specific needs.


We incorporate in-house Green Initiative Programme where our key raw materials are sourced close to our production facility by using clean form of energy. Each of our product are produced in line with responsible water management standards.

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