Skin Healing and Scar Management

BAP Medical - Medische oplossingen voor huidproblemen

A wide selection of leading European scar management and scar healing products at OURS includes scar treatment ointments, gels, creams, silicone sheets, etc. Order suitable products today!

Skin Healing Products

Application of Alhydran, science-backed medical moisture retention and scar management cream, decreases the risk of scarring, reduces existing scars as well as accompanying discomfort (itching, redness, etc.) and promotes healing. For the areas exposed to the sun, we recommend purchasing scar healing products with SPF (UV filters) - high protection SPF 30 scar treatment cream for face. 


Scar Management with BAPSCARCARE

The Dutch BAPSCARCARE scar healing products are available in the form of scar management gel, rolls, and gel sheets of multi-purpose or specific shapes - T (a self-adhering, thin, transparent silicone sheet) and S (a medical, self-adhering, thick, washable silicone sheet). 

SCARBAN Silicone Therapy

The SCARBAN scar healing products, particularly Elastic sheets, can be used for the most intensive silicone scar therapy, especially useful for scar management after surgery. They include:

-silicone gel - invisible scar treatment for face and other open body surface areas;

-high-level UV protection (SPF50) scar management silicone sheets of two types: elastic (the most intensive) and light (for sensitive skin);

-sheets for plastic surgery aftercare and other special applications, including after C-section;

-hand care gloves and finger caps. 

Scar Management Basics

Scars are normal reactions of the body to accidental injuries or surgery. They represent one of the steps of healing - a regenerating mechanism after wounds, burns, or invasive procedures to prevent liquid loss and infecting.

Scars may be superficial or involve deeper tissues. Depending on the type, injury, place of scars, and many other personal factors, possible common scar management treatments may include massages, silicone gel therapy, sunblock, injections, or surgery. The sooner a patient starts treating their scar properly, the faster and easier scar treatment will go.


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