Wound-Natural wound spray

Wound-Natural wound spray

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 Wound-Natural wound spray

Wound is an innovative, 100% natural wound spray for daily use. The spray is suitable for acute and chronic wounds, the wound edge and the periwound. Wound spray is a patented technology.

WOUND wound  spray is an "all-in-one" wound healing product, consisting of a specially formulated, synergetic combination of neem oil, St. John's wort oil and olive oil.

WOUNDS is suitable for the treatment of abrasions and cuts, burns, poorly healing wounds and skin defects in skin diseases.

WOUND is 100% natural, free from preservatives and enables painless «non-touch» treatment.


Mode of action

The effects of Wound

Atraumatic, painless dressing changes
The oil film prevents the secondary dressing from adhering to the wound and to the skin around the wound.

Protection and regeneration
The oil film and its fatty acids protect the wound edges and periwound skin against maceration and stimulate epidermal skin regeneration.

Antimicrobial effect
Fatty acids in the oil film provide an antimicrobial effect without cytotoxic side effects, which could inhibit wound healing.

Moist wound environment
The oil film creates a moist wound environment, which promotes cell growth (cell proliferation) and activates physiological wound healing.

Dr. Werner Herzig, MD
CHIEF SURGEON Schwyz Hospital, Switzerland


"In a period of 12 months we treated 174 patients with a simple and standardized wound protocol. The results clearly indicate that WOUND spray is simple and effective treatment for both acute and chronic wounds."
  WOUND  Shake the wound spray well.
Spray WOUND in two layers from a distance of 5–10 cm onto the area of ​​skin that has been cleaned with clean water so that a clear film of oil is visible. Let the oil film set for a minute.

If necessary, cover the affected skin area with a simple plaster or a fleece compress and fix it if necessary (remove oil from the adhesive area of ​​the plaster).

Repeat the application every 24 hours until the wound has closed. WOUND wound spray can also be used several times a day if necessary.

WOUND product features

More information?

Various case studies and studies are available, which we are happy to share with you.


A 10 ml pack contains approximately 120 sprays.


Neem Oil (Oleum Azadirachtae), St John's Wort Oil (Oleum Hyperici), Propane, Butane.

EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.
Medical Device Class IIB – CE0344.

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Customer Reviews

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Ursula Haberlin
Diaper rash gone

Great product for all types of wounds, including my children! Diaper rash in my 10-month-old daughter went away practically overnight! I can only recommend it, is made from natural substances and is a Swiss product. I only have this WOUND spray in my first aid kit!

Marc B
Healed super quick

Had used the spray after a bike accident. It smells a bit getting used to, which is probably normal with natural ingredients, but it is sensational. There was no scar at all, and it healed super quickly. I bought a second one straight away, for my personal first-aid kit for my surfing vacation soon :-)

Peter M
Immediate pleasant effect

Does not smell so pleasant, but helps quickly and reliably with minor injuries. The cooling also has an immediate effect and is pleasant.

Very Good

100% top product, heals skin wounds and burns very quickly (within 2 days). Not painful because only natural herbs. We recommend.

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