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in stock On Request Ergobaum® Prime 7TH Generation by Ergoactives. 1 Pair (2 Units)  of Ergonomic Forearm Crutches - Adult 5' - 6'6'' Adjustable (Blue) : Health  & Household


The 7th Generation of Ergobaum crutches are the most advanced, comfortable and configurable on the market, They are ideal for anyone rehabilitating from an injury, suffering from long term mobility issues or experiencing secondary shoulder, wrist and hand pain from using conventional crutches.  

Ergonomic features include a built-in spring-loading system, combined with adjustable, shock-absorbing soft rubber handgrips and a patented high performance crutch tip. The crutch tip mirrors your foot action by pivoting to stay in full contact with the ground, while you're in motion. The foldable feature make them ideal for travelling, especially by air.

Summary & Specifications 

Colour is a stunning Aqua Blue or Black

User weight up to 159kgs 

User height range 1.6m to 1.98m. (fully adjustable) 

Product weight is 1.32kg per unit

Ergocap pivoting, all terrain crutch tip

Soft rubber handgrips 

Fully adjustable handle angle, for maximum comfort 

Spring loaded shock absorbing system

LED lights in each crutch (batteries included)

Safety reflectors on handles

Flip down knee rest platforms

Cushioned elbow cuffs with adjustable strap

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Allen Passmore
I love these crutches

I got these crutches over 2 uears ago. Im still going on the same pair. Ive put over 700 miles on them in the last 14months alone. They have held up far beyond my expectations. They perform wonderfully. I am disabled and needed these crutches for i was developing pain in my hands and shoulders from my cane. It wasnt long until i was on both due to MS. I can go farther with less fatigue which i believe is die to not having to fight through a bunch of pain. The tip "grinding" or "squeaking" was a bit annoying to say the least. A properly placed bushing it the tip would eleviate that or i used some powder graphite lock lubricant not long after i got them and that fixed the problem. They havent squeeked since. Soon tine for new tips. When i do i may go to the hardware store and find some bushings and try that to see if it works. Only because the graphite powder is messy. Other than a flawed paint job and the tip noise they are incredible. It took a couple weeks to adjust to the hump in the handle but thats what fixes the pain problem. I adjusted fairly quickly. Im giving it 4stars only because they should come without me having to fix the manufacturing issues but i wouldnt trade them for anything!

100% !!

i love them! fibro/cfs/whatever along with tendonitis etc make walking entirely possible but not enjoyable at all. these crutches are really supportive + comfortable. I don't find them heavy at all, even when using them all day walking around like shopping or going to a museum.

- not ugly
- doesn't make my wrist hurt
- very adjustable to your specific preferences
- upper forearm strap lets you have mobility
- black doesn't scratch easily

- battery for the lights is annoying

would 100% recommend to anyone w chronic disabilities (or even if you're going to be on crutches for a few months when you're going to have to be doing a lot of walking)

Karen Thomson
Crutches that are not Boring, but colourful and easy to assemble

These crutches are slightly heavier than some other sets but I feel safer when using them as they give the impression of being more sturdy than other lightweight pairs I have used.
They have an open cuff design but with a padded strap which can be fastened across the arm stopping them from falling if I need to use my hands.
The shock absorbing rubber foot on the end of the crutch is shaped in the form of a cross and seems to give good grip in the weather conditions I have used them in so far. Initially it appears to be quite large but placement quickly becomes second nature.
Of the extra features fitted to the crutch, I do find the light to be very handy for nighttime bathroom visits rather than waking the rest of the family with lights or tripping over the cat in the dark. The horn might be useful for getting attention if I was stuck or had fallen but it’s volume is certainly lower than my voice so I don’t see it getting much use. I did remove the knee rests, which was very simple to do as my lack of mobility makes them obsolete.
Fitting the batteries, which power the light and horn, is quite fiddly as they are tight and I did require assistance.
Overall, I find these crutches to be of a decent build quality with no annoying clicking noises so far. They are comfortable and sturdy and I would certainly recommend them.

Christopher Alkenbrack
Use as main method of transportation

I have Secondary Progressive Multiple and I have used these crutches for 4 years now. I go through a pair every two years, but they have allowed me to maintain my mobility to a much greater extent than other mobility devices (canes, walkers, occasionally a wheelchair).

Using the crutches allows me to transfer the weight to my upper-body when my legs fatigue or when they are numb. Also, I'm able to stand straighter with these than I did with traditional canes that I used to walk with. My posture has improved and I no longer have to stare at my feet when I walk because I'm well grounded with these crutches.

I originally purchased them for an overseas trip because they fold and are easy to store on an airplane under my seat. A bonus feature is when I'm out at night with my wife and we have lights to make sure I don't trip on something.

The backup horns are useful when my wife gets ahead of me and I want her to slow down. All around, these crutches are worth their weight in gold for me.

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