LiteGait 3P + Clinic Gait and Balance Treadmill Training System

LiteGait 3P + Clinic Gait and Balance Treadmill Training System

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LiteGait 3P + Clinic Gait and Balance Training System (Private Clinic Only)


LG 3P system is one of the most unique LiteGait models manufactured in the nearly 30 years since the LiteGait was created. It encompasses the same mobile, fall-free environment with its unique double point suspension system as it counterparts. The one of a kind harness controls posture, balance, and weight-bearing while a patient walks over ground or over a treadmill. Four independently adjustable overhead harness straps control posture/motion in three planes, making LiteGait ideal for patients with asymmetrical impairments, as LiteGait is the only system specifically meant for postural control/correction.


LG 300P models benefit patients of all ability/functioning levels and are used in multiple types of therapy settings. The 300Ps have battery operated, precision-made lift mechanisms, built into the post of the LiteGait, that provide 28” of powered lift stroke in assisting patients in going from sit to stand. What makes this unit unique is the innovative height adjustability of the yoke; it can be moved up and down the post manually. With their unparalleled manual & powered height adjustability, the 300Ps allow sites to treat a wide range of patient heights-from toddlers to teens to adults weighing up to 300lbs-all with one LiteGait device.

  • FlexAble Yoke allows for controllable vertical displacement of the yoke (supportive arms) of the LiteGait-helpful for patients working on pre-gait balance activities, doing mini-squats, or even jogging over a treadmill while safely supported in the LiteGait harness
  • Tablet BiSym Scale provides real-time feedback and measures the total amount of weight supported by the device plus left vs right side of the body-great for charting patient progress and building patient confidence.
  • FreeDome Yoke Attachment allows the client to rotate 360 degrees while supported in the LiteGait harness enabling practice of walking backward or sideways over the treadmill, as well as gait, balance, and other activities facing outward in the LiteGait overground. The FreeDome is available for the LG 300PS and comes a standard on the Deluxe model.
  • Exclusive online/onsite training* that is unmatched within the industry. This also includes access to ongoing clinical support & continuing education webinars provided by clinicians from various backgrounds and areas of expertise.


  • 160kg Patient Capacity
  • 210cm Maximum Patient Height
  • 71cm Powered Lift
  • BiSym Tablet Measurement
  • Adult Harness with Postural Control Straps
  • Integrated FreeDome Yoke
  • Gaiter Stool


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