Sanctband Active Band Kit 2.5m

Sanctband Active Band Kit 2.5m

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vendor : OneUp Rehab Solutions

Product Type : Resistive Band

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Sanctband Active Band Kit 2.5m  (incl. Door anchor)

The Sanctband Active Resistive band by far one of the most psanctband-active-exercise-band-stretch-graphic.jpgopular and versatile products. The widespread applications of the bands take them seamlessly from the rehab room to general fitness and athletic conditioning.

The bands can be used at any length and can be gripped at any point, making it very easy to adjust tension levels to suit an unlimited variety of exercises. There are multiple options for toning the shoulders and arms by pulling the band apart.

Performing these movements in different planes, targets and sculpts different areas of the shoulders and arms.

Product Features:

  • Resistive Band: 15cm (w) x 2.5m (L)
  • Includes: Door Anchor for effective upper body exercise

Benefits of using resistive band:

  • Body tone and Firmness
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Improve Balance
  • Safe and effective form of strength training


Natural Latex

Colour/Resistance Dimensions (Width x Length)
Pink (Light Resistance) 15cm x 2.5m 
Orange (Medium Resistance) 15cm x 2.5m 
Purple (Heavy Resistance) 15cm x 2.5m
Blue (X-Heavy Resistance) 15cm x 2.5m




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