Sanctband Active Super Loop 70"

Sanctband Active Super Loop 70"

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Product Type : Rehabilitation

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Sanctband Active Super Loop 70"sanctband-active-super-loop-band-stretch-graphic.jpg

The Super Loop band is another highly versatile training tool. It is especially suitable for athletic training, sporting drills and also effectively simulates gym exercises done with the barbell. The heavier duty super loop bands allow the exerciser to simulate lifting a very heavy barbell.

Product Features:

  • 1 Super Loop Band (Lay Flat: 41″)
  • Instructional Manual Benefits of using Super Loop band:
    • Strength and Flexibility Training
    • Advanced Resistance Training
    • Core Conditioning
    • Pull up assistance
    • Cross Training


Natural Latex

Colour/Resistance Dimensions (Width x Thickness x Lay Flat Length)
Pink (Light Resistance) 12.7mm x 4.8mm x 1m
Amber (Medium Resistance) 19mm x 4.8mm x 1m
Purple (Heavy Resistance) 25mm x 4.8mm x 1m
Teal (X-Heavy Resistance) 35mm x 4.8mm x 1m
Violet (Super Heavy Resistance) 44mm x 4.8mm x 1m
Grey (Extreme Heavy Resistance) 57mm x 4.8mm x 1m
Black (Ultimate Resistance) 89mm x 4.8mm x 1m





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