Scarban Breast Sheets

Scarban Breast Sheets

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Product Type : Scar Management

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Scarban Breast

-Mamma Pkt 2

-Aereola Circle (Nipple) Pkt 2

-Mamma Anchor Pkt 2

    *Available as needed. Delivery 1-3 weeks. 

    Scarban: Plastic Surgery and special applications

    Scarban Elastic is the best choice if you require the most intensive silicone scar therapy. This sheet has an extra-thick silicone layer for optimum hydration of scar tissue, providing maximum support for rapid, itch-free formation in the case of abnormal scars.

    Benefits of Scarban Silicone Sheet Elastic
    - Intensive therapy – highly effective
    - Suitable for small and large areas of skin
    - Includes very high-level UV protection
    - Can be cut to fit your application
    - Includes special cleaning soap
    - Available in various sizes


    Scars disfigure your skin

    The more severe the wound, the greater the chance of a scar (small or large). Take action: prevent or limit scarring as much as possible – which is exactly what Scarban medical silicone sheets and silicone gel does.

    The scar-reducing effects of silicone are a benefit of scientifically supported therapy

    Which is why medical silicone sheets has become the preferred therapy in professional scar treatment. Our silicone sheets are recommended most by scar-care professionals.

    Mastopexy (Breast Lift) | Saint Luke's Health System



    Treating scars with Scarban

    You’ll quickly experience the benefits of Scarban products: Complaints such as itching and pain are relieved or disappear within a few days. Visible results are seen within 2-4 months:

    Your scar becomes more flexible, flatter and less red. Scar formation is reduced/minimized.


    Remember when treating scars: an early start prevents scar formation!


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    Customer Reviews

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    Breast reduction

    In October I had a preventive breast reduction . I had an open wound for three weeks at the 'three country point' (where the scars come together). The result was a red, swollen and tender scar.

    To remedy that, I tried a number of products, but noticed little difference. After good stories on a Facebook group, I had ScarBan prescribed through my GP. I've been using it for a week and the scar is already noticeably less red and thick . Due to the thickness of the plaster, I can again tolerate an underwire bra.

    So I am very satisfied, compliments on your product!

    Breast reduction from E Cup to a beautiful C

    The operation went well. I was shocked at the beginning of the size of the breasts. Found them very small, but this takes some time. I am now very satisfied with my C cup. The scars are getting better very slowly. I started scar treatment 3 months ago using Scarban silicone plasters. It's slow, but you're already seeing improvement.

    My doctor advised me Scarban

    Started Scarban 4 months after a DIEP flap. I use the abdomen, it fits exactly, didn’t have to trim it. I’ve applied it now for about 3 weeks and can already see a difference. The scar is much less red and pulls less.

    I got the Silicone Sheets via my GP, the scar turned out really good. Im verry happy.