Venom- Back

Venom- Back

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the black neoprene band of the Hyperice Venom visitlble along with the digital touch screen on the front with red characters visible  

Design Features

  • Digital touch screen control
  •  Nano-technology heat with 3 adjustable temperature levels: 130°F (55°C) / 145°F (63°C) / 160°F (72°C)
  • 4 vibration pods with variable sequences
  • 18 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Premium Plush™ neoprene wrap
  • TSA approved for carry-on


The Venom Back focuses heat and vibration on your core. Since almost all athletic movement involves your core, the Venom Back is ideal for easing overall muscle soreness and stiffness in the body.

a man shown from the neck down wearing a black athletic shirt and black shorts and wearing the black Hyperice Venom around his waist

    the Hyperice Venom shown laid out next to the black charger and two interchangeable plug adaptors

    What’s Included

    • Venom Back
    • Additional plug adapters (2)
    • Power supply


      Weight: 2 lbs

      Size: 44 x 10 in

      Vibration: 3 levels of vibration

      Battery life: Up to 3 hours on a full charge

      Nanotechnology heat: Level 1, 130F (55C) / Level 2, 145F (63C) / Level 3, 160F (72C)

      Digital touch screen: Allows you to customize the temperature, vibration pattern, and time

      TSA approved: Approved by TSA for carry-on

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      Customer Reviews

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      Luke Allen
      2nd back device purchased

      i just purchased a second unit for our family. Great heat and massage for your back! Very comfortable.

      Great products

      I own a few products from Hyperice. Each one is a life saver. I have a herniated disc in my neck which causes a lot of muscle tension I my upper body. I use the roller and ball to alleviate the pain so I can sleep! I will be adding one of these to my aresenal and I expect the same results.

      I love this porduct

      I love this product. As an elite triathlete, self care and recovery is just as important as the training itself. I suffer from tight hips and hamstrings which leads to lower back pain. I use the Hypersphere to work out the kinks in my hips/quads/hamstrings and then follow it up with 20 minutes in the Venom to release the lower back. I also use this all the time on my drive to and from work as a built in passive recovery time.

      Would highly recommend.

      My back feels fantastic

      Have been using my Venom several times since it arrived and I really can't wear it often enough! I love it!!! As a Fitness Trainer and lifelong athlete, my body has taken (and continues to take) a beating on a regular basis. As I've gotten older, recovery is more and more important, and a necessity. Putting my Venom on at night after a full day really helps ease the strain on my back and have felt the difference sleeping at night. Just feel so relaxed with much less tension than I've been used to.

      Believe me, if you put this on, you'll never want to take it off!!!

      Tina brown
      Nice to have

      Helps with pain and relaxation