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SCARBAN Silicone Sheets and Gel For Scars

SCARBAN dressings are the most frequently recommended dressings because:

-The dressing stays in place, also in skin folds

-It feels soft and comfortable thanks to the unique, stretchable fabric used for the outer layer

-It consists of 100% silicone and offers very high UV protection(SPF50)


-Complaints such as itching and pain are relieved or disappear within a few days

-Visible results are seen within 2 to 4 months: scars become more flexible, flatter and redness diminishes

-Scar formation is reduced/minimised 

The silicone bandage is available in an extra thin version, which is very flexible: Scarban Light. And a thick variant, which is reusable: Scarban Elastic. The effect of both products is the same. The choice of product is mainly made on the basis of the body part where the silicone bandage will be applied. The thin silicone bandage is more flexible, which makes it ideal for mobile areas.

Besides the regular gels and bandages, Scarban has a product line for the treatment of scars on hands and fingers. Scarban C-Section is also a product specifically for scar treatment after caesarean section.

Scar Formation Without SCARBAN

A scar loses many times more moisture than the normal, surrounding skin. The body responds to this by sending stimulating healing factors to the scar tissue, allowing more connective tissue to be created. This can cause hypertrophic or keloid scars.

Scar Formation With SCARBAN

Covering the scar with Scarban® scar sheet or scar gel reduces moisture loss to the same level as the surrounding skin. In response, the body stops the supply of stimulating healing factors and the scar will become more flexible, flatter, less red and will settle down more quickly. Any itching or irritation of the scar is also relieved or even prevented.

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