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Mobility Tools and Equipment

OURS collection of mobility tools and equipment improves mobility, movement and performance. Choose from various mobility accessories, such as a muscle release tool, for a fast recovery!

We supply hospitals, physios and rehab clinics and centres with innovative mobility tools and equipment for faster recovery and progress. The products include German foam rollers, resistance bands, twisters, massage balls, and other fascia tools. Recovery with foam rollers contributes to mobility progress and is a recommended myofascial and muscle release tool by therapy experts globally.

Blackroll - German made Myofascial Muscle Release Tools

World leading mobility tools and equipment can be found in a wide range of Blackroll tools. Blackroll offers solutions for many purposes: to ease pain, promote health and wellness, boost performance. Our (self-)myofascial release tools are compact and lightweight. They can be easily used at home, in therapy, or gym as the tools fit gym bags. 

Here are the Blackroll tools available in OURS online store:

-Soft, medium, and hard foam rollers of different sizes;

-The therapeutic muscle release Blackroll Booster with vibrating mechanism transforming foam rollers into ideal devices for therapy and sports;

-The Blackroll Twister for a targeted therapeutic deep stimulation - small and easily portable;

-A trigger ball or duoball for muscle release & spinal mobility;

-Kits and sets for the gym or home;

-Resistive bands, kits and sets for the gym or home;

-other best muscle recovery tools: durable non-slip exercise mats, posture braces, loop bands and multibands;

-mobility accessories (gym bags, storage peg boards, etc.).

Sanctband Muscle Tension Release Balls and Rollers

Sanctband is renowned as the world's leading manufacturer of high performance bands. However their range also includes muscle release tools - active massage balls and foam rollers.

OneUp Rehab will help increase fast recovery chances and mobility training results with the latest mobility tools and equipment.

Fasciq- Muscle release tools

 FASCIQ® is a brand of THYSOL Group B.V.. THYSOL is a leading producing medical device company. It combines excellent quality with many years of knowledge.

Fasciq offers its  excellence in Fascial release with its range of Myo-fascial tools in cupping IASTM tools and more.  

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