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For surgery position system
Snow pac provides more stable and comfortable position to patients and saves valuable time for the entire O.R team on every case.

  • It prevents pressure points.
  • It aids faster, easier set-up.
  • It aids to become comfortable position.
  • It aids better surgery position presentation.



Snow-Pacs are soft pads (available in various sizes and shapes) that are filled with thousands of tiny plastic beads. The Snow-Pac is molded around the patient and then a suction line is attached to it.

As a vacuum is created inside the Snow-Pac for 15 Seconds, outside atmospheric pressure forces the beads together so they cannot move.


When the suction line is disconnected, the Snow-Pac retains its firm, molded shape and holds the patient securely in position.After surgery, the valve is opened and as air reenters into the Snow-Pac it becomes soft again, ready for reuse.



  • Stable

    Because Snow-Pacs are molded well , firmly and securely to shape of the patient's body than sandbags, towel rolls and other devices that are merely propped against the patient.

  • Comfortable

    The apparent wrinkles are inverted-drawn inward by suction and will not irritate the skin.

  • Better Presentation

    With Snow-Pacs the patiant can be positioned exactly as the surgeon desires for excellent presentation of the operative site. Snow-Pacs conform to any shape, so the patient's position does not have to be compromised.

  • More Versatile

    With Snow-Pacs patient can often be placed in positions that could not be easily achieved using other positioning devices.

  • No Pressure Points

    A Snow-Pac supports all parts of the patient's body uniformly, like a floating mattress.
    Weight is distributed evenly, instead of being supported only by the bony prominences,which cause pressure point injuries.

  • Save Time

    Patients can be positioned much more quickly and easily using Snow-Pacs, and if necessary,be repositioned during a case.

Other Features

  • Any Vacuum Source

    Use wall suction, aspirator pump or any other convenient O.R. vacuum source.

  • Reusable

    Snow-Pacs give years of O.R. service.
    Rubberized-vinyl fabric is soft but durable.

  • Radiolucent

    Excellent radio-transparency with only minimal and clearly identifiable artifacts.

  • Clean, Disinfect, Sterilize

    Can be cleaned with regular soaps and liquid disinfectants or sterilized by gas.

  • Repair Service

    actory inspection and repair service available at nominal cost after warranty period. Full One-Year Warranty.

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