Blackroll MED Roller (Soft)

Blackroll MED Roller (Soft)

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  • 20% softer than the BLACKROLL® STANDARD

  • Perfect for beginners and people with high pain sensitivity

  • Ideal for therapeutic applications

With the BLACKROLL® MED, you can palpably increase your muscular elasticity and performance with little effort and simple exercises. With 20% lower hardness, the BLACKROLL® MED foam roller allows a softer self-myofascial treatment – just the thing for gentle use in therapy, for example, for people with lower body weight or simply when you want a less intensive massage.

  • Palpably increase and maintain muscular elasticity and performance
  • Regulate incorrect loading
  • Counteract postural damage
  • Prevent strain injuries in sports
  • Regenerate specific muscles
  • Release adhesions in the connective tissue (fascia)

Please note:  

We recommend against doing balance exercises while standing on this roller. The BLACKROLL® MED is recommended for body weight only up to 75 kg. Heavier people can reinforce the roller with two BLACKROLL® MINIS.


    • 30 cm x 15 cm

    Made in Germany

    • Highest quality production
    • Strong & durable - built to last
    • Won’t get softer or lose shape
    • Quality management to DIN ISO 9001:2000

    Green production

    • Environmentally friendly
    • 100% recyclable 
    • Free of propellants & chemicals (no glue)


    • Odour free
    • Water resistant
    • Easy to clean & sanitise
    • Won’t absorb fluids or dirt
    • Dishwasher-resistant



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    A dream!

    Our household now has 2 Blackrolls. If you do the exercises regularly and correctly, it acts like a massage. With the Blackroll, I was able to process and release a muscle hardening in the thigh. As a result, my back pain dissolved into thin air.

    The Blackroll Med makes AHHH!

    At least after fascia training.
    It is known that the exercises performed correctly are painful. That's why I chose the 20% softer role as a beginner. Here the pain is bearable.
    I also chose the wider version, it is more comfortable.
    What's great is that the training is suitable for both warming up and cooldown.

    Nique mouse
    Very good fascia roll

    I have ordered this fascia roll now for the second time, because we get along very well with this and we have it in different places so always ready.
    With the narrower variant, we can not use the roll correctly to the brim. The shoulders are not right here.
    With this variant, the roller can be used over the complete width of the back.
    The degree of hardness is very good especially for beginners.
    For anyone who has problems using a fascia roll regularly, who should place this very present e.B. in the living room, so you will be reminded of it again and

    Light and high quality, the longer Blackroll!

    This softer BLACKROLL is a perfect addition to my mat excercises, and Rolling out the kinky in the cables :-) there is more space to roll with the 45, especially helps with reaching all places around upperbody/the shoulders and the area around the hips! Love the quality and lightweight of the roll. Recommend this to all Pilates fans out there!

    Great tool!

    This foam roller is a great tool for at-home rolling and fascial fitness.. You can download the Blackroll app for your smartphone, but an instructional booklet would be helpful. I bought Schleip's Fascial Fitness book, which provided very helpful background and instructions.